The 10 best mobile antivirus in the world The information in our mobile or cellular devices can be very valuable so we must always have it protected. If it is not, we can be victims of cyber-piracy or espionage without having any idea of ​​what is happening on our device.Read More →

Trojans are not like viruses since their task is different, the virus comes as it is and shows itself as it is, however Trojans are deceptive files always show you the good side until they are activated. For example. downloading a harmless image of a kitten and opening it inRead More →

BullGuard Antivirus for Android  In this article we will discuss and analyze one of the best and at the same time little-known antivirus for mobile devices (tablets) and tablets. Today we are going to analyze the Antivirus BullGuard, a high security application that has made its way through a veryRead More →

Mobile phones and tablets are especially sensitive to certain types of attacks. As a general rule, these are malwares that change the security of the terminal, download apps full of malicious code or take control of the device and transfer it to third parties. Keeping in mind that every timeRead More →

We’ve been hearing the famous WannaCry ransomware all week, and it seems everyone is now an IT security expert. That’s why from the pause and the perspective that gives me a little time has passed, I would like to analyze why this malware has affected so many computers and whyRead More →

Multiple layers of security-ZoneAlarm Mobile Security Currently as we know and particularly in the Android platform, there are a lot of malicious applications created with hackers that seek to exploit any vulnerability in the system to steal personal or financial information, even extort users. Hence the importance of having aRead More →

Before doing a maximum cleaning on our Android device it is necessary to understand what kind of threats we expose ourselves to. The majority of vulnerabilities for our device are represented by the so-called Trojans, undesirable for any common user. Well these are hosted in the terminals without you beingRead More →