We’ve been hearing the famous WannaCry ransomware all week, and it seems everyone is now an IT security expert. That’s why from the pause and the perspective that gives me a little time has passed, I would like to analyze why this malware has affected so many computers and whyRead More →

Before doing a maximum cleaning on our Android device it is necessary to understand what kind of threats we expose ourselves to. The majority of vulnerabilities for our device are represented by the so-called Trojans, undesirable for any common user. Well these are hosted in the terminals without you beingRead More →

The use of your Android devices is quite diverse, because mobile devices and especially those with this operating system, have great freedom to install any type of app that allows you to perform all kinds of activities. And surely you have lived it, since from work activities such as scanningRead More →

It is true that both smartphones and Android tablets become more secure with the new versions of the platform and security features that manufacturers implement. However, there is still a long way to go before it can be said that Android is a 100% secure and free of vulnerabilities operatingRead More →

The advantage of having antivirus for Android  Many think that using an antivirus makes your computer or mobile go slow and that it does not do anything, they are really wrong. If you are someone who uses a lot of mobile or computer you will realize how dangerous the InternetRead More →