Mobile phones and tablets are especially sensitive to certain types of attacks. As a general rule, these are malwares that change the security of the terminal, download apps full of malicious code or take control of the device and transfer it to third parties. Keeping in mind that every timeRead More →

Before most attacks and viruses were made for computers, but nowadays most people use d mobile devices, virus writers have also thought in that and have begun to create and create both viruses and very sophisticated Trojans to try to steal our information from our Android devices. That is why,Read More →

Android antivirus companies are realizing that hackers have focused on these devices to infect them and access sensitive information. Gone were those viruses that were installed on PCs through free programs and infected disks. Today the virus online are those that reign in the universe of the malicious code. AndRead More →

In this article we bring you the best Android Antivirus to always keep your mobile protected from cyberhackers.   Android Antivirus. 1.-Eset Mobile Security One of the best antivirus for PC, is also in smartphones. It is free, but is integrated into the application to provide maximum security purchases. TheRead More →

The world of malwares is practically unlimited. There is a large amount of malicious code that threatens our devices, so it is convenient to have our Android antivirus updated if we want to be as safe as possible against the attacks of virus online One of the latest malicious programsRead More →

Few people today do not use a mobile phone. The mobile phone has become an essential tool that no longer only serves us to call or send messages. Today mobiles and tablets have eaten so much ground to computers that we can almost do all kinds of operations from them.Read More →

Bitdefender Antivirus for Android The Bitdefender antivirus is the newest antivirus on the market today. This application is totally free and is available on the Google Play platform for those curious who want to test its effectiveness. Currently it is one of the antivirus for mobile phones, tablets and tabletsRead More →

Viruses do not warn you before infecting your Android device, so it’s better to be prepared with this simple 123 to remove them. Your mobile may be working perfectly but that does not mean that you are not at risk of contamination. But you should not be alarmed because deletingRead More →