Multiple layers of security-ZoneAlarm Mobile Security Currently as we know and particularly in the Android platform, there are a lot of malicious applications created with hackers that seek to exploit any vulnerability in the system to steal personal or financial information, even extort users. Hence the importance of having aRead More →

ZooPark is called a new malware that has been discovered for the first time by the security company Kaspersky. It is a fairly strong and high-tech virus that is causing havoc on Android devices. It is a spy within the mobile, because has the ability to enter even the user’sRead More →

There has always been talk about security risks for mobile devices, due to its high altitude, especially for the Android platform. This time the McAfee published a study on trends in mobile security, where it is revealed that the Android system there are at least 11,000 types of malware (maliciousRead More →