Using Avast on Android Avast is the free antivirus that most users trust, and Now that the version for android has come out it has become one of the most installed in the Play Store. Avast is an antivirus platform that started working for computers in the decade of 1990,Read More →

Chrysaor virus is one of the most causing havoc among Android users, because we are talking about a malware that can get full control of the device. It is popularly known as the Android Pegasus, because was created by the Israeli group called NSO, who originally attacked Apple terminals withRead More →

If we are looking for this option it is because the other options are exhausted or we have not found any solution to our problem and we want to restore our device to the manufacturer’s version so that we have it as the first day that we have bought it,Read More →

Avira Antivirus for Android Avira Antivirus Security is the antivirus for Android most recommended by professionals. Many of those who are in the market for free claim to be able to protect your device efficiently, neutralizing 100% of the threats that try to affect your phone and protecting your personalRead More →

Remove advertising viruses on Android You are using your mobile device, opening applications or viewing different social networks such as Instagram, Twitter or Facebook and suddenly a advertising ad appears for no reason without having your device’s browser open. What has happened is a cause for concern and that isRead More →

6 Tips and tricks for Google Play Store. If you think you know all about google play store, the most likely thing that escapes you, something that surely you have not seen, we will give you 6 tricks for google play store that sure you did not know. With theseRead More →

The advantage of having antivirus for Android Many think that using an antivirus makes your computer or mobile go slow and that it does not do anything, they are really wrong. If you are someone who uses a lot of mobile or computer you will realize how dangerous the InternetRead More →