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The 123 to remove Android virus

Viruses do not warn you before infecting your Android device, so it’s better to be prepared with this simple 123 to remove them. Your mobile may be working perfectly but that does not mean that you are not at risk of contamination. But you should not be alarmed because deleting malware will not be so complicated if you pay close attention to this guide.

First of all you have to take into account the fact that Android viruses have an extensive and confusing variety. The majority emanates of doubtful and unknown origin, that makes easier to protect our device. That is, if we exclusively download the applications that we want through Google Play, everything will be more secure.

This is because it is the official platform of the Android operating system and when a questionable app is presented, it proceeds to eliminate it quickly. However, there are alarming exceptions in some infected downloads of viruses, but if you are careful you should not worry about it anymore. Similarly users must report these apps for Google Play to activate their security filters and remove them from the market.

We can mention a case that occurred at the beginning of 2018, when the security company Check Point made a complaint. 60 applications of games for children were discovered on the platform of Android downloads infected with pornographic material. Google Play to notice it immediately removed the malicious content of your store.

Our 123 to get rid of malware

If your terminal has been infected with a malicious virus here we will recommend some things that you can do initially:

  1. If the virus infected application is in administrator status, the first thing to do is disable it
  2. In the second instance it is best to uninstall the app without thinking twice.
  3. You must also place the device in safe mode.

If the initial options fail, a factory reset is the most reasonable way to get rid of the error. But of course, this must be taken as a last resort, understanding that you will eliminate most of the data contained in the terminal. With the exception of the backup, Do not forget to make a backup!

However, before using all these methods, it is better to be sure that the mobile phone is really serious. infected. Because it may just be an announcement that makes the device slower, but nothing to worry about. It is also possible that it is only an app that wants to make you believe that your device is infected unnecessarily. This is for you to download content that is really infected with malware.

To avoid all this, it is best to keep the Andorid device protected with an antivirus. Among which we can mention are AVG Security and CM Security, in addition to an app to clean the mobile. Disposing of the garbage and making the terminal work faster, for this CCleaner is the right one.

Where are the viruses?

You must be clear about where the viruses usually lodge within the Andorid operating system, to be able to act with security. And it is that they are in the additional layer of any infected application. Example of this are the following malwares that we mentioned so you are aware:

  1. Gunpinder
  2. Ghost Trojan
  3. Googlian
  4. Godless

However, there are others who infiltrate by means of text messaging (SMS), such as the Mazar virus. This asks you to download a browser called Tor, which of course is not that browser what you will be installing. But a powerful virus is what is hidden within that application.

We can also talk about Loapi, which is outside of Google Play but is installed by means of antivirus apps. Its origin is not completely known but represents a huge threat to Android users. Because it disguises itself as protection for the mobile phone when in fact it is infecting it.

Among its capabilities it has the ability to force a workload of important magnitudes on the device. Thus causing it to overheat and quickly deplete the battery. On the other hand, you can send text messages without notifying you, make subscriptions to paid services and even steal cryptocurrencies.

To avoid being infected

The targets of the Andorid attacking viruses are They mainly rely on carrying out malicious procedures in the terminals. In addition to owning personal information, in some cases, and download without authorization. To prevent all this from affecting you, keep in mind:

  • Forget about installing applications that are not within the Google Play platform. However, if you are sure of the origin of the apps and you are an expert in what you do, you can do it. You only have to activate the option of ‘Unknown Sources’
  • It is also important that you verify the permissions that you are granting to the application at the time of its download. You must be sure that you do not allow him to be the administrator of the device, because that prevents an eventual uninstallation
  • Do not fall for the deception of the cloned applications, since within the same Android virtual store there are. They are scam apps that simulate others that are very similar in appearance and they contain malicious viruses. It should be noted that in most cases they do not work as they say they will. Denounce them on Google Play, through comments, without hesitation.
  • Keep the device updated.
  • Install an antivirus.

To eliminate the virus

Now, if you’re looking to avoid it because the device is already infected, do not lose sight of our recommendations.

First of all it is very important to activate the safe mode of the Android terminal as soon as you are aware of the infection. This is achieved, on most devices, by turning them off and on again by selecting ‘Restart in safe mode’. Then go directly to the application that is behaving badly on your mobile.

To be sure of which is the malicious app, we recommend that you check the list of the latest installed and discard one by one. This is easy to do using the observation method, which depends on taking into account any suspicion. Or the actions that the device is performing without your consent. This way you will find and eliminate the infected downloads.

If you manage to uninstall the problem immediately you may have become an administrator when downloading. To revert this you must go to the configuration> security> device managers. That’s where the applications that are functioning as Administrators are. Proceed to disable the infected app and you can uninstall it without problems.

To finish do not hesitate, after your device is safe again, make a backup. All in order to protect your information and your device.