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Advantages of having Android antivirus

Many think that using an antivirus makes your computer or mobile go slow and that it does not do anything, they are really wrong.

If you are someone who uses a lot of mobile or computer you will realize how dangerous the Internet is and the dangers of downloading files and applications.

Questions before using an antivirus

The question that many users of Smatphone or Android tablets, since most of us use these devices the most time of the day, seeing images or photos and listening to music that we like, among other things.

Too many things to analyze one by one every day and see if they are free of malwares or not, most would not know how to do that, just ask yourself this question, Why a little space on your mobile are you willing to lose everything?

The answer is clear, neither you nor anyone wants to lose your information, especially if they are personal, but do you really have these threats? and are they so frequent?

Virus on Android

What you have to keep in mind is that the virus that we know in the Windows world is absolutely different from the one in Android.

Viruses that have been developed for use in Windows can never be used in Android and vice versa.

Now we know that we can lose or that we can have a virus in our system without Realize we are going to talk about the advantages of having an antivirus.

Advantages of having an antivirus

Anti-virus engine

All the day analyzing your mobile or tablet in search of viruses, every file that you download or send you before downloading to your mobile will be analyzed.

Call Blocker

If unknown numbers call and do not want to answer them, or some numbers to offer you a try or mobile offer alerts you of spam calls.


If someone wants to use your mobile and you have not When the system is activated, the anti-theft system will be blocked, thus blocking the mobile phone.

Energy saving

With some antivirus programs you can save energy by blocking the screen and closing applications that you do not use to avoid spend a lot of energy.

Application blocker

When you have not used an application for a long time it will be blocked after x time until you reopen it again.

Privacy permissions

For some applications or functions, they ask you for special permissions so you can use it.

Loading screen

When you are charging your phone, you will see a loading screen (I recommend it a lot because it helps you save on energy and also helps you load the phone very quickly).

RAM booster

It helps you not to use all the RAM of the mobile and that does not heat the mobile in that way helps you to make your Android device more useful.

Trash file cleaner

Many times when deleting an application there are many files or files that we do not erase, if we have to do that it will be manually (now thanks to the antivirus every time you go through or search for junk files you can delete them).

Web shield

This option is the best and the most recommended because in many pages it is full of viruses and we enter it browsing normally (but that has now ended with the antivirus).

Analyzer Wi-Fi

When we are out and do not want to spend a lot of data and we always look for a Wi-Fi network, but we do not know if that network can harm us.

Wi-Fi speed test

Sometimes you notice that the internet in your house is slow and you want to know how fast it is to see if it’s your device or your internet.

Now seeing advantages that an antivirus has gives you to think about whether to use it, apart from all that it gives you a good security and always your Android devices are n clean of malwares.