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Android virus

Multiple layers of security-ZoneAlarm Mobile Security

Currently as we know and particularly in the Android platform, there are a lot of malicious applications created with hackers that seek to exploit any vulnerability in the system to steal personal or financial information, even extort users. Hence the importance of having a good security solution that provides the necessary peace of mind to the user every time you install applications, check your email or browse the Internet.

ZoneAlarm Mobile Security works with a multi-layered security approach to keep latent threats on the web away. The application has the ability to protect any Android mobile device, whether smart phone or tablet, notifying the user whenever there are suspicious processes in the system, protecting the entire platform from cyber attacks.

Not only that, with this antivirus for Android, users can connect to a wireless network in a secure way. The application is responsible for examining the mobile phone or tablet, in addition to the applications that are installed, warning at the precise moment about any piece of malware that may eventually cause information theft or any other damage to the device. It also analyzes WiFi connections so you always connect to legitimate wireless networks.

Thanks to all this, with this antivirus installed on your phone, you can make purchases online, make transfers or banking operations, check your email messages, as well as your publications on social networks, in a secure way and at all times protected from any threat.

Device Layer

This security layer protects your mobile phone from all vulnerabilities in the device itself, including aspects such as suspicious processes, as well as conflicts in the operating system.

Apps Layer

In this case it is a security module aimed at Protect the device from all these fake applications that can damage your phone. Recall that while it is true that most mobile applications on Android are safe, some of them can wreak havoc on devices.

This security layer protects against vulnerabilities, as well as well as the privacy risks that are caused by malicious applications and updates. There are viruses that have the ability to control the mobile phone, collect personal data, as well as impersonate the user to click on ads or false advertising.

Network Layer

Even in the case of the most secure mobile phone, you can still be vulnerable and be exposed to a cyber attack when you connect to a public WiFi wireless network. But thanks to this additional security layer, the application can analyze how secure the Internet connection is and also notifies the user about attacks known as “Man-In-The-Middle, in which hackers can access all the information that is sent from the mobile phone to a hotspot connection.

Main features

ZoneAlarm Mobile Security scans and searches all infected applications on your mobile phone, and is responsible for detecting all those updates that may cause a conflict in the OS. When the application finds something potentially dangerous, it immediately notifies the user about the risks.

Not only that, this Android antivirus app, it also notifies regarding all suspicious processes and protects the platform against computer attackers. An interesting feature of the application is its WiFi Ranking, which basically what it does is show you the wireless network connections around you, but depending on your level of security. That is, it offers you only the most secure WiFi networks so you can connect to the Internet without worrying about the theft of information or personal data.

It even has the WiFi function Protect, which in this case is responsible for detecting all those WiFi networks classified as insecure and that may compromise the privacy of your device. The application also does not collect information from the user, much less share it with anyone, without mentioning that it is an antivirus without advertising, so its total focus is on the security of the phone.

It’s not completely free

Now, this security application is true but you can download it for free from the Google Play Store, Actually it is a trial version that lasts 30 days. During this period, users can use all functions and features of the antivirus. Once the trial period ends, a monthly subscription is necessary to continue using the application.

Now, probably many consider that the payment of a monthly subscription for an antivirus is too much expensive, particularly when you know that there are free antivirus for Android with features similar to those of ZoneAlarm Mobile Security. However, it is important to keep in mind that this security application will keep your phone protected at all times and It will prevent viruses and vulnerabilities such as QuadRoot, HummingBad or Certifi-Gate, from affecting not only the functioning of your device, but also potentially can steal confidential and financial information.

As already stated indicated, there are viruses that can install fraudulent applications on Android devices to generate advertising revenue at the user’s expense. There are also malicious applications that can obtain administrator or root permissions and take full control of the phone, steal bank details, spy on personal information, etc.

The vulnerabilities

Are still present on the Android platform, so it is always advisable to install an antivirus application that provides an additional layer of security on the device to keep personal or financial data safe. ZoneAlarm Mobile Security offers multiple layers of security that help you easily detect any threat that can potentially damage your Android phone or even steal your identity.