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How to install and use Avast on Android

Using Avast on Android

Avast is the free antivirus that most users trust, and Now that the version for android has come out it has become one of the most installed in the Play Store.

Avast is an antivirus platform that started working for computers in the decade of 1990, and it was not until 2015 when it became the most downloaded antivirus.

Apart from its computer version Avast incorporated a mobile version which started to be active in 2016, with which you could have all the advantages and more than the PC.

How to install avast on Android

It is easy to use and much easier to install, Avast how much with a fast and simple operating system so that your information is safe at all times and you feel comfortable when reviewing the system and if you have any threat.

To install it you only have to enter the > Android Play Store and then search for it directly by name in the search bar or by category by applications. Once found, you will only have to download it and automatically start the download and installation process on your terminal.

This process may take a couple of minutes but when finished you will be completely protected from any threat that can damage it.

Apart from its free version, the application has a paid version, with which you can benefit from a large number of new features and protections that the company makes available to its users. With this version, we tried to attract companies in a more professional way, which present a large amount of important information and are the ones that invest the most in protection.


Being a mobile and computer version, Avast can be consulted from anywhere, being able to control all threats that appear automatically.

The application has a page verification system that allows you to browse the entire web quickly and safely without complications or fear that you get any virus or malware to your device. Avast warns you of unsafe pages blocking them automatically when you decide and can later unblock.

A part Android version has an unwanted call system with which you can block all those unknown numbers that appear as spam and avoid you so they can invade your mobile or go crazy with so many calls.

Advantages of using Avast

As a free antivirus the The biggest advantage is that you do not have to spend a large amount to get the license, which is what happens with most leading antivirus companies on the market.

It has a great protection capacity, being a effective and very reliable barrier to be able to surf the net in an easy and safe way without being afraid of entering a page and that some virus can enter your computer or terminal and damage or steal the data.

The main problem that presents itself today l do not have an antivirus on your devices that connect to the internet, it is the theft of identity. It is more normal that this happens to large companies or famous people, but it is not impossible that it happens to a normal person, which will be affected by frauds or crimes that are discussed in his name but with false accounts, that is why Avast integrates the better barrier against identity theft, to prevent the user from going through all that.