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The 5 best mobile antivirus in the world

The information in our mobile or cellular devices can be very valuable so we must always have it protected. If it is not, we can be victims of cyber-piracy or espionage without having any idea of ​​what is happening on our device.

It is necessary to protect our data and privacy, this is because we can be victims of blackmail, unauthorized operations or even theft of credit cards through our electronic devices. That’s why we’ve made a list with the 10 best antivirus for your smartphone in the world

Important and keep in mind is that NEVER install two antivirus on any mobile device, tablet or your computer, as this will create conflicts between them and may stop working properly, and will not provide us the necessary protection we are looking for.

You should always choose the best antivirus that suits your needs and with which you feel really at ease, not by installing several antivirus you will be more protected.

We will proceed with our list of 10 best antivirus for 2019

-Norton Internet Security 2019

It is one of the best existing antivirus versions for your computer, mobile or tablet, you can surf the net without any problem or fear of suffering a cyber attack.

One of its strengths is the detection in real time of “malware” that may pose a threat to your information.

It has a free version and a paid version, depending on the features we are looking for.

-Kaspersky Internet Security 2019

It ensures you protection against viruses and web threats, it also focuses on the protection of your privacy and defends identity theft.

According to Kaspersky, most of our lives are stored on our phones and tablets, so we need an effective and updated antivirus to protect us from threats.

It has a version free and paid version, its premium payment version protects our personal information guaranteed a 100% effective security.

-AVG Internet Security 2019

One of the most used antivirus, protect your business against possible threats and data theft

It offers a free one-year license to test its effectiveness, is highly recommended and used by large corporations to defend against potential threats.

It has a free version and paid version. Both functions provide protection against viruses, malware, spam, scams, phishing and more.

-BitDefender Internet Security 2019

This antivirus offers several levels of protection against ransomware. It uses the detection of behaviors that threaten our security to prevent infections even before they occur.

The new reansomware repair feature acts as a repair layer that guarantees data protection

One of the star novelties of this antivirus is its multilayer protection with ransomware repair and detection of attacks even before they occur.

-Panda Internet Security 2019

This well-known antivirus was not going to be less, totally recommended for this 2019, its latest updates have made it a powerful competitor in the world of antivirus.

Perhaps it is remembered as an unreliable antivirus in the past, but panda developers have put their batteries, and currently occupy a very high market share in the world of protection

It has a free version and a premium version.

Finally, always recommend to have the antivirus updated, just like any update. important in the ROM of our device, this will make the criminals have it really complicated to enter our beloved electronic devices.

Do not forget to always trust your instinct when you browse and enter pages that may pose a risk for your computer security, if you think it’s a page it’s not safe to get out of there rgues nothing and less execute a program or file that has been downloaded “mysteriously”