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Chrysaor: the pegasus virus of android

Chrysaor virus is one of the most causing havoc among Android users, because we are talking about a malware that can get full control of the device. It is popularly known as the Android Pegasus, because was created by the Israeli group called NSO, who originally attacked Apple terminals with a virus of the same proportions but with that name.

Chrysaor is considered a virus that persistently incites the user

strong> so that it installs it at any cost. That is why you should pay close attention to the sites where the applications are downloaded and also recognize the developer. Any misleading application can contain this unwanted malware.

This virus has a significant amount of capabilities, because it can spy on any type of information that you contain on your device. From calls, to messages, emails, also listen to what you are talking about in calls, you can activate the camera and even have access to your location. Everything you can save on your Android device may be of interest to this virus.

Where does the Chrysaor virus come from?

As you read it above, was developed by NSO Group which represents an organization dedicated especially to cyber warfare since Israel. In this place, espionage services are created to be sold internationally. We are talking about something really serious, which can hack any Smartphone.

This malware is outlined as one that can eliminate itself, and thus prevent the infected phone can end available to another organization developer of virus and manage to copy the software.

On the other hand, Google, has spoken on the subject, stating that several devices have been infected with the Chrysaor virus. Determining that most of these are in war zones between countries such as Israel, Turkey and Ukraine.

Similarly, even in Google Play there have been no cases of app infected with this malware, also Google has expressed that in the next security patches the problem should be solved. Although it is not superfluous to understand that if this virus was strong in IOS, running on Android will be more dangerous.

Tips to avoid the Chrysaor virus in Android

Some tips that can be developed as protection are the following:

  • Firstly, it is important to highlight that you should only download applications from trusted platforms, such as the Google Play Store. As we explained, until now, no app in this store has been affected.
  • In the second instance, you must create a password to block the device, which is difficult to guess, this makes the virus difficult the fact of being able to easily access your Android device and therefore your information
  • To continue, it is important to keep the device with the most current versions of the system, this facilitates the protection of the terminal through the improvements that Android implements in its updates.
  • It is also important to scan the downloaded applications and verify their developers. Remember that the more confidence you can find in an app, the less risk there will be.
  • And in order to complete it, it is important to activate Android device manager for greater security.