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[SOLUTION] How to clean viruses online

The use we give our Android devices is very high. So much so that hackers and virus writers have developed specific malicious codes, to get sensitive and important data stored on our devices. In this mini tutorial we are going to see how to clean viruses online of our smartphones and talbets with Android.

It is important that we act immediately when we come across a virus, because they can be cause damage to the information we have.

Even if we do not know for sure if we are infected, from time to time it does not hurt to check if we have been infected with any virus online.


Steps to clean viruses online on Android

The first step we have to follow is to install a Analysis application in our terminal. Some of these allow us to attack even the most dangerous, such as rootkit virus, which are made with absolute control of the device and can make it completely useless. Once we have installed our Android antivirus, the steps to follow are always the same:

  1. We open the application and activate the service so that the program is responsible for reviewing the files that we download, the pages through which we navigate, etc.
  2. To make an initial analysis of our smartphone, we access the options and look for Analysis. In this way we start a review of our device in search of online virus that may already be working.
  3. We let the application finish the analysis, after which we received a report with the possible viruses in our terminal. All those files in which there is no doubt that they harbor a virus, will be eliminated immediately, so that there may be an infected application that disappears or stops working after cleaning.

The best programs to clean viruses online

Although the market of Android applications is full of antivirus programs, when selecting which clean viruses online we must be very careful, since some of these are traps that actually hide Trojans, so that instead of eliminating viruses we will only open the door for third parties to take our information, and even use our device to commit criminal actions.

For this reason, before installing any application, whether or not an antivirus, it is convenient to review the comments that other users have made in the application store. If there is any doubt about the possibility of being infected, it is best not to install this application.