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[DOWNLOAD] Antivirus Security Master for Android

Antivirus Security Master for Android

Security Master Antivirus &  VPN introduce in the market a smart antivirus that not only protects your phone from external threats and the web you visit, but also optimizes resources to improve the status of the terminal.

Making it go faster, having better use of the battery and even improve the performance of the CPU, decreasing its heating to protect the parts that make the terminal work.

Formerly it was known as CM Security of Cheetah Mobile, which was updated to Security Master not only for changing its name but also for security, implanting in this new version a multitude of improvements, which make it the most requested antivirus in recent years. It is the best one according to the users.


Security Master is a totally free antivirus that performs an intelligent diagnosis, looking for the best solutions to analyze and maintain your clean terminal optimized and with the best performance of consumptions.

It is considered as the number 1 of the market detecting and automatically eliminating any virus or malware that tries to affect the system and damage your files; to part clean space of the memory, eliminating with a single touch all the unwanted emails of your account and causing the terminal to gain more speed of processing.

As for the controls of the CPU, Security Master is the only antivirus on the market that is responsible for optimizing memory space, thus coped with the CPU and increasing the battery’s life, leaving the terminal as new with a single pass and in record time.

How to download it

The Secury Master can be downloaded for free through the Google Play Store platform or through its official website; which promotes the download of it in an efficient and safe way for the user.

VPN Service

Among its services is the connection > VPN without registration and totally free, with which you can access blocked content in certain countries and locate the terminal of your terminal, so you can protect your search history as well as your banking information.

Thanks to the VPN feature, it allows you to securely access the bank files, protecting all the movements that you make both in consultation and purchase from any place and on any page.

Analysis of applications

It is capable of blocking any application that is a potential danger for the security of your personal data, whether it is transferring via Wi-Fi connection or Bluetooth, Security Master protects all your personal files and even blocks chat notifications so that nobody can access them.

You can put a key or pattern with which you will protect the files in a more efficient way to ensure greater protection of them.

With the anti-theft system you can remotely access the camera of the device through the website of the application, and thus get a selfie from the intruder, or conversely only the protocol will be activated when trying to access the terminal without Success for 3 occasions. This image will be extracted automatically and will be sent with the time and location of the terminal to the email you have linked at the beginning.

You can customize the home screen with a selection of blocking themes that offers you the application or with your own photos in the terminal.

Junk Notifications

Application and mail notifications make the terminals run slow and go in an inefficient way. Security Master avoids this problem by eliminating any notification of the mail permanently in order to avoid the unnecessary use of memory and the slowdown of the device due to the applications that annoy the day to day.