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[DOWNLOAD] Avira Antivirus for Android

Avira Antivirus Security is the antivirus for Android most recommended by professionals. Many of those who are in the market for free claim to be able to protect your device efficiently, neutralizing 100% of the threats that try to affect your phone and protecting your personal information to eliminate potential identity theft.

All have the same basic systems but Avira is the one that marks the difference between the Premium version and the basic version, making it affordable for all users, economical and the one that guarantees the best results.

Basic content 

Among the basic protections offered by the manufacturer are:

  • A total protection of all devices associated with the account or that have an account linked to the product.
  • Removal and neutralization of all viruses and malicious software that try to affect the terminal.
  • Remote location of the device that has been lost or stolen.
  • Protection of personal data against theft.
  • Protection of privacy by access code and only in folders and files selected by the owner.
  • Neutralization of applications and files of a strange nature.
  • Offer specific resources to help save the device’s battery, eliminating junk content from the network.

Basic protections

The a Plicación offers us 3 types of protections that are characterized according to the threats that may affect our device, such as:

  • From privacy to possible viruses: intensively analyzing the different applications and even their updates in search for malicious content that may affect our personal data or our privacy.
  • Against RANSOMWARE: it blocks the encryption of the device avoiding losses of up to € 300 in said information theft.
  • Identity configuration and blacklist: analyzes the possible manipulation without consent of the own mail or of some contact, notifying the anomaly; apart from allowing to create a blacklist with numbers of unwanted contacts to avoid calls and spam messages.

Anti-theft system

Allows the blocking and/or deletion of personal data that are in it, allowing before that a remote location of this to allow to find it. A part offers an alarm system that helps us locate the device if we are relatively close or contact button so that the person who finds it can get in touch with the owner.

System languages ​​

Among the system configuration languages ​​we find Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Italian, English, German, French and Korean.

Control of the device

By means of the remote control you will be able to control and manage the accounts linked to all your devices from anywhere, being able to carry out any action that allows the antivirus accessing through the web page.

This allows us to locate and block any malicious action from anywhere without having to have the device in front of us, thus guaranteeing total protection in real time.

Premium Content

This paid version can be obtained through the store by downloading the free version, which will provide all the coverage of this plus some extra requirements that will be put into operation from the moment we make the payment securely through Google Play.

The extras are:

    • External and remote access to the camera of the device to know at all times who is the one who is manipulating it, being able to recognize the thief or making sure that we have lost it or stolen it.
    • Protection against identity theft, through the blocking of dangerous websites or that contain contents associated to this type of attacks.
    • Database updated frequently to guarantee a more efficient protection.
    • Professional telephone help.

How to download it

The Avira Antivirus, can be downloaded charge for free through the Google Play Store platform or through its official website; which promotes the download of it in an efficient and safe way for the user.