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[DOWNLOAD] Bitdefender Antivirus for Android

Bitdefender Antivirus for Android

The Bitdefender antivirus is the newest antivirus on the market today. This application is totally free and is available on the Google Play platform for those curious who want to test its effectiveness.

Currently it is one of the antivirus for mobile phones, tablets and tablets best of the market in its free version and is fully recommended.



Its operation can be described as smooth and without interference, that is because it is an application that uses the cloud for defense, which does not cause any discomfort or interference with the device and guarantees updated and light protection, helping the device to continue with its normal speed of handling and without modifying the battery.

Unlike the other applications that are on the market, Bitdefender has opted for a novel option that is the cloud. Instead of saving the entire virus database in the terminal, what it does is save them in the cloud, which is constantly updated as new versions come out and makes a quick and instant protection against them.

This is a great improvement in defense, because thanks to this technique the battery and performance of the terminal will not be affected in the least with what can be left installed without interfering with the memory or operation of other files.

A part does not generate any external message, which sometimes is annoying, since it performs a constant analysis of the web to automatically neutralize the viruses and malicious contents that are in them before they produce no damage to the device.

Neutralization efficiency

The database is in 24-hour operation of the day that’s why it makes this antivirus the most efficient of the m ercado.

It is responsible for detecting and neutralizing 99% of the viruses that attack Android devices, which is why it is ideal to protect the personal information we have in them.

the most recommended antivirus by professionals, which allows a better optimization of resources are to affect the terminal and with the best guarantees.

Configuration of the application

Being an application that is updated in the cloud, Bitdefender does not need any type of configuration, being operative from the moment the installation is finished.

Apart from having the Autopilot system which automatically analyzes and neutralizes all possible threats that may affect the device without requiring any authorization from the user.

Because using the full version

Once the free version is configured, it can be updated to the full version. With this you benefit from all the configurations and advantages that the free version contains, apart from other newer options with which your device will be fully protected.

These extras are:

  • A real-time analysis of all web pages that are visited to avoid possible contagion with viruses that they contain.
  • Includes an anti-theft system with which you can locate and manipulate the device remotely in order to locate it through Google Maps and block it or delete personal data so that it is not copied by the device’s thief.


When using Bitdefender you are investing in the future of web protection for your Android device, it can always be updated to prevent access to new viruses or Software that can damage or steal personal data.

With Bitdefender you will have a a database always updated with what will reduce the risk of infection by 90% can download and visit web resources without thinking about the negative consequences that such acts may have for our privacy.

How to download it

The Antivirus Bitdefender, can be downloaded for free through the Google Play Store platform or through its official website; which promotes the download of it in an efficient and safe way for the user.