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[DOWNLOAD] Bullguard Antivirus for android

BullGuard Antivirus for Android 

In this article we will discuss and analyze one of the best and at the same time little-known antivirus for mobile devices (tablets) and tablets. Today we are going to analyze the Antivirus BullGuard, a high security application that has made its way through a very competitive market such as the world of computer security.

The devices mobiles are increasingly coveted by cybercriminals, who somehow manage to try to steal our data  without leaving any trace and use this data in crimes, or to extort money.

Cybercriminals steal data, photos or any other data with malwares Does the word malware sound like Chinese to you? Well, calm, today we will explain everything you need to know to have your mobile safe and free of annoying viruses.

What is a “Malware” and what functions does it have?

A malware is nothing more than a program, file or executable file that contains malicious code that infest our phone and executes console commands without root permission.

If you still have not understood, I will say it more easily, a malware is not more than a file (photo, video, game) that when opening it in our mobile, computer, tablet… without us give permission, execute commands without us knowing, these commands can install new more dangerous viruses, they can be recording what we say, we talk, we write and send it to another person without us knowing, and you can imagine where they are going the shots Everything clearer truth?

To avoid these problems and malicious files, you have to follow a series of recommendations:

-Do not download applications that do not know their origin, always Google Play or APP Store

-Do not open files that we do not know what they are or how they came to our phone

-No files that are downloaded alone when visiting a website, and much less if we do not know the manufacturer

-Have the latest antivirus installed and updated

With these simple steps our mobile will be protected and without any danger, for the last point we have brought you today the Antivirus BullGuard, one highly recommended and now we are going to talk a little more about it.

Main characteristics of BullGuard

As we have started this article today we are going to talk about this antivirus, which is quite powerful and recommended, but due to the high level of competence it is little known, but this does not mean by far that is not recommended.

A lesser-known antivirus ensures greater protection, malware often seek vulnerabilities of the best-known antivirus and do not focus on the few known.

AV Engine Based on the cloud: Ultra-fast antivirus program which, based on the famous “cloud technology”, means that most of your information, base of virus, is not in our cell phone, is on the Internet, avoiding saturation terminal estrus with unnecessary data and files.

-Complete analysis: You can check the entire device and/or tablet to detect possible infections, malware or unwanted applications.

-Real-time analysis: Automatically scan in REAL TIME applications as soon as they are installed on your device and immediately notify you about malicious or suspicious applications so that you Take the necessary measures to ensure your safety.

-Always up-to-date: Comprehensive and comprehensive virus detection thanks to cloud technology, we update in real time and speed up our database as new known viruses are discovered.

-Lock and unlock: If the device is stolen, you can block it remotely from any web browser.

-Locate: If you have lost your phone or, with this application you can see where it is, or in case of theft you can report your location to the police.

-Clean your device: Remotely you can delete all data from your phone if lost to prevent others from accessing your personal files or information

-Change SIM protection: feature that automatically locks the device if a thief replaces the SIM card.

-Scream: Activating an alarm can help locate your missing device if it is not far away and can be heard.

-List tab Black: Allows you to choose how to block a specific number (either calls, SMS messages or both).

-Customizable: Create a list where you can add phone numbers manually, from the contact list or from your phone’s call history

-Short code block : A useful feature that blocks all incoming communication of telephone numbers with 5 or fewer digits. This means that there are no more spam messages with advertising obstructing your message inbox.

How to download BullGuard Antivirus

As you’ve already done read in the article, we do a lot, but that much emphasis in that you never install anything that you are not sure of where it comes from, so you avoid bigger evils.

We are going to leave you in a direct download link of this antivirus from your verified official page: Download BullGuard Antivirus