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[DOWNLOAD] McAfee Antivirus for Android

McAfee Antivirus for Android

McAfee, one of the most famous antivirus products on the market, has been launching the mobile system for a few years, and has provided it free of charge through Google Play your security application, which is available to your users and all those who want to protect their data in an effective and economical way.

Viruses not only affect computers, but also They have become so sophisticated that they can access phones, depriving us of the privacy of having conversations or taking pictures that only we can see.

There are many applications that are created with bad intentions and that their sole purpose is to access our personal data to copy or damage them, doing with both ways that we lose confidence.

McAfee offers a series of advantages, with which you can have all your personal information well protected.

How to download it

The McAfee Antivirus, can be downloaded for free by means of the Google Play Store platform or through its official website; which promotes downloading in an efficient and safe way for the user.

Protection systems

Two different protection systems have been released, both of which features similar but with some improvements. The main difference between them is that the basic was launched free of charge for all users and the Premium was put on the market with a relatively competitive price, getting a free license those users of its computer version.

Basic features

Apart from being totally free as we have commented previously, it has a anti-theft system, which includes:

  • Security Lock and CaptureCam: allows you to lock your device remotely and take a photo silently to anyone trying to access your phone and making a mistake in the security pattern, more than 3 times.
  • Anti-Spyware: blocks malicious applications by preventing any virus from accessing your information.
  • Formatting the phone remotely: allows you to delete or restore the phone remotely before to get access to it.
  • SMS Backup: which allows you to have a compie of all contacts in case of loss or theft.
  • Locator, tracker and alarm: allows you to locate the phone using Google Maps and sound an alarm to recover it, in addition to assistance to help you in the process.
  • Protection against anti-theft uninstallation: Blocks the phone and erases the information automatically when you try to uninstall the anti-theft application.
  • Allows access the device from the website @ via SMS using any platform, to manage the processes that we want to perform remotely.
  • Match your Android Wear, to the application of OS

As for security, it allows you to perform a partial block of the information of the device by means of a password to access certain folders or information, to prevent the access of other people. As well as blocking calls and SMS.

Optimizes phone resources, by means of applications that free up badly used space, with applications and junk files that do not help our phone and make it go slower than normal. It allows a network of security of the use of data with the access to Internet.

The most interesting thing to the users of this application is its system of web protection, which allows to eliminate the viruses that try to access through our malicious pages to our terminal and therefore protect the files, SMS and applications to avoid being infected with it. It is responsible for eliminating these threats and those that are in the WIFI network free of charge.

Features of the Premium version

They present the same as the basic but with telephone support, media loading and without annoying ads.