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How to factory reset an Android device

If we are looking for this option it is because the other options are exhausted or we have not found any solution to our problem and we want to restore our device to the manufacturer’s version so that we have it as the first day that we have bought it, but sometimes it is not like that.

Since many viruses when installed on our android operating system if installed on the root system.

Then even if we restore our device it’s as if we had not done anything, since it was installed with the same Trojan or the same virus and we will have the same problems.

At this point what we have to do is a thorough erasure of files and programs from the device, in addition to following a series of steps to get rid of any malware that is still in the device, before making the factory reset.

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Once we have reviewed it and we have deleted the virus or the Trojan, now we are going to try to restore our device to the initial version as the first day that we have purchased it.

Restore factory defaults to Android

  1. The process is very simple and easy to perform, you must go to the settings of the mobile and restore it from there, you have to take into account something (before you start making a backup of our device if we have something important inside), go to Settings/Personal/there press Copy of security.
  2. Now we will get another window where we will look for the option that says restore factory data, when we give it start and will begin to erase all the data (You have to have the mobile well loaded)
  3. The following steps are very simple since you only have to confirm and authorize the restoration of the device to factory mode, in the first option we will get a list of the personal data that will be deleted and we will have to give the continue button, then we will have to press reset phone, that will make our device start to be restored.
  4. Now our device will take a few minutes to restart once we echo the same screen that we got the first time we bought the phone and we have to configure it again.

But what would happen if our device apart from that we have had a virus that has changed the pin of the mobile phone and we can not enter settings to restore our device we have to restore it in a different way and in a safer and deeper way, the only bad thing about that e there will be no backup will cause us to lose all our files.

Reset with Recovery mode

To restore in this way the first thing we have to do is pay for our device, but before that we will have to check that the device has more than 60% battery or that it is connected to the plug.

To enter that mode is up to each manufacturer we will leave the list of several manufacturers.

  • Samsung: Volume up + Start + On. In the Galaxy S8 is Volume Up + Bixby Button + On.
  • Google Pixel and Nexus: Volume Down + On.
  • Motorola: Volume Down + On.
  • LG: Volume down + On.
  • Asus: Volume up + On.
  • Huawei: Volume up + On.
  • BQ: Volume up + On.
  • HTC: Volume down + On.

Depends on each device the Recovere home screen may be different, now we will have to do two very simple steps, before to restore the device we have to format it for it we look for the option of wipe cache partition and then we will have to look for the option wipe data/factory reset once there will be several No and just a Yes, we give Si and wait a few minutes until it is restored and we have our device restored to the manufacturer and we can reinstall our applications and games.