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Games to download free and without virus for Android

The use of your Android devices is quite diverse, because mobile devices and especially those with this operating system, have great freedom to install any type of app that allows you to perform all kinds of activities. And surely you have lived it, since from work activities such as scanning and digitizing a document, modify it and then send it; as entertainment and entertainment activities such as those offered by the famous image editing or playback app.

But a very important section in the Android world, both smartphones and tablets, is the world of games, since entertainment is a fundamental part of every human being, and there is no age for it, although there is no doubt that young people and adolescents (a good proportion of those who are part of the Android world) are those who prefer them; and that’s why we bring you a list of games to download for free and without viruses for Android.

And notice that we offer it is a very important point, something like the perfect mix, because we know that when we talk about free games, it seemed that we will also talk about many ads and viruses, or when we talk about app without viruses then it means great sums to pay, but it’s not like that, this time you have everything as you wanted.

Well, although you must understand the point that developers must somehow recover the money invested, and that advertising is a way to do it, as well as the different purchasing options that within the game are offered. You should also understand that advertising is a high potential for attracting viruses, and this is where your agility comes to understand that any link that does not redirect you to official download pages should be discarded, not for that reason We will obviate all advertising.

Also understand that on Google Play there is a lot of games that you never imagine that are free just for the fact of the high quality with which they are made. And although the ones we bring you now can not leave ads and shopping options aside (as explained above) we have made a collection of the games to download for free and without viruses for Android that have little amount of ads and that allow you great enjoyment without paying. Let’s see the top 10 free games:

    • Dots
    • Fifa 14
    • Plants Vs Zombies 2
    • Angry Bird 2
    • Replica Island
    • Marvel: battle of superheroes
    • Dead rigger 2
    • Clash of Clans
    • Crossy Road
    • Badland