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[TUTORIAL] How to have the safest Android phone

Android Security: How to have the safest Android phone

One of the problems with our mobile devices is the little interest that manufacturers put in improving device security.

Today we are going to recommend some tips that you have to keep in mind so that your device lasts several years and with a good security.

It is vital to have a good device protected so that the “bad guys” do not steal our information, images or videos, with which they can extort or steal valuable belongings, since the most advanced “thieves” know how to steal even our bank money through our device if it is not well protected.

Android security, increasingly important


There are more and more incidents related to computer security Whether for theft of passwords, bank accounts or personal data to the companies themselves that offer security and security service. Like the incident of “Ransomware” That without leaving aside the security holes, which is common in all companies, some of them known worldwide.

It is true that our devices are becoming more secure, but over time there will always be a way or ways to enter a mobile device and steal data, no matter what antivirus we have or security but they will do it in any way, but when using some security, an antivirus and we protect our device that makes the chances of someone entering our device quite low.

Today we are going to teach you more security things and one of them is to see if our device has security updates available, we are also going to tell you how you can reinforce the security of your smartphone or tablet a bit more.

The importance of having the device with the latest update.

Sometimes the manufacturer lan Updates 2 or 3 times a month due to a bug or some type of failure of the manufacturer, is very important because that bug can form a security hole in the device where a hacker can access.

That is why it is very important to leave our device updated to the latest version and whenever the manufacturer launches a new update we lower it, it can be only for battery saving or for anything, but we also have Keep in mind that any failure can weaken our security.

When it is a failure in the operating system, the responsibility is completely from the manufacturer, if it is for an application that you have downloaded from Google Play, there may be responsibility of Google.

But Important: If you download the applications from Google Play, they are reviewed by the Google team, but if the removal of other pages is not recommended, since they can have viruses or any co That can endanger your device.

But when it is a serious security problem and involves the company always put an update in a few days or even hours to cancel that security hole that has formed.

The problem with security is that we will never have control over it and we will be 100% in agreement, because there will always be someone who will find a way to enter and sabotage it.

Android Security: How to improve security on my device.

Absolute security does not exist, but we can reduce the risk of being victimized.

  • Pages to download applications from.
  • Be careful with the applications we download.
  • Permissions what we give to applications.
  • Not everything free is better.
  • Do not root your mobile.
  • Beware of the corr eos electronic.
  • Fraudulent links.

With those steps we can reduce the holes a lot, and we can have our device more Sure.

The most recommended, before downloading applications is check the comments of users.

Never download applications from other pages, as they can erase your entire mobile.

Do not enter the links that send whatsapp offer, are viruses or fraudulent offers that will steal.

With these tips we will always have our device safely.