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How to get rid of the Pokemon GO virus

The Pokemon GO fever has not gone unnoticed by anyone. Not even the creators of viruses, which have been put to work and in just a few days have already launched a Android virus hidden behind a supposed APK with which to install the game in countries to which has not yet arrived or do not have the latest version. It is a program that installs malware DroidJack in the terminal, with which you can remotely access it and steal all user data.

How the malicious version of Pokemon GO is installed on the mobile phone

The way in which hackers camouflage this virus is quite simple. The only thing they do is change the name of the application for the long-awaited game. Once the installation is downloaded and executed, the user realizes that it is not what he is looking for. But by then it’s too late. Some of these fake applications came to sneak into the Google app store. Although at this time the company has removed all that it has identified as malicious code.

Remove Pokemon GO virus

The first thing to do is Make sure your version of Pokemon GO is authentic. For that you have to install it only from the official source and make sure that the programmer is Niantic. If you have fallen into the trap and have already been infected, the first thing you will need is an antivirus program compatible with your device. Run a full scan and locate the dangerous files. If you see that you can not locate any, connect your phone to a computer. Repeat the operation from this, trying to reach all segments of memory to find the malware.

It may be the case that in principle the APK is not infected. Anyway, if you have installed the game from another source than the official one, it is best to erase it. Make an installation with the original content. If for some reason your country has not yet received access to the game or updates, it is better to wait a few days to risk putting our most personal information in the hands of unscrupulous people, who are just looking to take advantage of the moment to steal data with those who commit crimes and get us in trouble.