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How to remove an Android virus with and without antivirus

The viruses on android are becoming increasingly fashionable and every day hackers concentrate more on android devices and not on the computer, as there are more Users who use android have more victims every day and most are children or elderly people who can attack.

Every day there are more users who use android and that helps them the attackers and the 80% of those users are innocent who download the applications or when they search for an application the first one that gets downloaded and that and that the attackers love because the more they download their applications the more money they earn and more data can steal.

Most viruses have almost the same function only some are more updated than others.

The function of viruses is to attack the root system of our device in this way we can not erase the virus and apart from that we start downloading applications and those applications we can not erase them, we can not do anything since those applications are just advertising only jump advertising nothing more.

They with each advertising that jumps earn money.

3 options to eliminate virus without Antivirus

Restore the phone’s default settings

This option is always the first and the easiest and recommended, but before doing this step we have to make a backup on our device so we can save everything.

This may be different in each mobile device, but in some they are almost the same, we will have to go to the following options: Settings then Additional adjustments s After Backup and finally Reset factory data.

With that we are going to erase everything from our device and the normal thing if there is an application that has virus will have been deleted.

The biggest mistake of this is that when we do it, we erase all our data and the worst thing if the virus application if installed in our root system will not be erased and we will have to delete it in one of the following ways that we have now.

Use the safe mode of the phone to remove malicious apps

Safe mode allows us to enter our device in a more secure and gives us the center of our entire device we can delete many applications and things that in normal mode we can not erase

To be able to enter the secure mode is very easy, but this can vary depending on the mobile since this function can change depends on the model you have and it can vary depending on the mobile.

You have to give it to the button to turn off and when it gives you the option to turn off or restart the phone press the turn off button for several minutes, and it will exit restart in safe mode and we give you to accept with that we can have our mobile in safe mode.

Now let’s go to Settings there we look for Installed Applications then we go to Downloaded and delete those suspicious apps most are folders or applications with strange names or names of games that we do not have installed

Install an official ROM eliminating the one of a Chinese store

This option can vary depending on the manufacturer since they do not have the same functions, but generally from the official recovery we will have to install a zip file, we will have to download one that is recommended for our mobile.

We recommend downloading one that works well with our mobile and with the same version of android that we have so that they do not give us errors.

When installing an andro system id that is not Chinese we will get rid of all your applications, apart from deleting the virus.

Important: pass all the important files to the computer because with this function you delete until the bakups less those you upload online or to the cloud

This way you will get rid of the possible malware that the Chinese store has gotten.