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HummingBad virus: what is it and how to remove it from my Android?

The HummingBad virus is attacking millions of users that are under the Android operating system. And it is that this malware makes your device fill up with unwanted and infected advertisements, in addition to installing fake applications without any authorization. Also is able to create a rootkit, which puts at risk the terminal’s total access and its functions to hackers that control the HummingBad.

The warnings generated by the virus make those who control it earn revenue with forced clicks and malicious programs. CheckPoint Security, the company that made the alert about malware, brings the number of Android users affected to 10 million, mostly from the Asian continent.

Where is the HummingBad virus?

CheckPoint Security states that HummingBad is found in at least twenty applications of different types on the Google Play platform. Representing this way, a case different from other viruses, the insecurity of the device comes from the Android application store.

This malware is able to get the permissions of the device so that when it is running, the application that contains it, can generate a virtual terminal that then generates a unique ID, and thus benefit monetarily to the creators of the virus. It is estimated that this daily process achieves a income of more than three hundred thousand dollars a month.

In addition to all the above, HummingBad can generate false comments on the Google Play platform And in this way fraudulently assess the applications that are infected without the user being aware of what happened. This in order that the app have a position that seems reliable and more people download it to their Android devices.

What can I do to detect and remove the HummingBad from my Android?

  1. Download an antivirus

First of all, we recommend installing an antivirus application, because it is always important to keep our devices protected. It is important to download this type of applications when obtaining the device, so as not to expose it to malwares such as HummingBad. The most appropriate, according to the virus we are talking about, is the ZoneAlarm Mobile Security that was created specifically to counteract this malware.

  1. Scan your device

As a second step you must scan your Android device with the installed antivirus, which we recommend you will always prioritize the search of the HummingBad virus. If you use others you may be warned of a possible threat without specifying the name of it.

  1. Restore factory defaults

To finish we recommend restore the factory defaults of the device, it is the only way to get rid of the HummingBad virus. It is also important that you delete all the files that are contained in the Android terminal, because it is possible that the malware is in one of them.

To reset the device to the factory settings you should go to the settings of the system> then to security> then, if you wish, you make a backup copy (so you do not completely erase what you have saved)> and finally press “Restore factory settings”.