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Install an antivirus on a pendrive

One of the most common problems when we try to remove the virus from the police is that we can not access the system in safe mode. That’s why it can be useful to install an antivirus on an external support and then use it to clean our equipment. In this article we will see how to have our antivirus program on a pendrive with which to start from there and remove the virus from the police, as well as make an analysis of our disk looking for other threats.

Tools to install an antivirus on a pendrive

In addition to a pendríve, obviously, we will need a couple of tools to create our antivirus emergency unit:


  • A program to create boot disks. LinuxLive USB Creator is one of the easiest to use and can be downloaded for free.
  • A program to recover and clean virus. There are several ready to be installed on a pendrive.

Once we have everything ready, we proceed to create our external cleaning unit.

Install the antivirus on our USB drive with LinuxLive USB Creator

We will install the boot disk creation program on our computer. We run and select the USB drive where we want to install our antivirus. Although the download page is in English, the program has been translated into many languages, including Spanish. We select the image of our antivirus program. For this we have to locate the ISO with which to create the boot disk. If we have not formatted the pendrive, it is time to do it. We format the unit in FAT 32 in step 4 of the instructions. If we already have it, we can skip this step. Click on the creation option, step 5, in which lightning appears. In case we have marked the option to format it will ask us if we want to do it. We accept and let the program work. Once everything is finished, we just install an antivirus on a USB drive that will help us recover our computer when the virus police or some other similar prevents us from moving forward.

How to boot the PC for viruses

To clean our computer, we turn off the computer. Plug the pendrive and if we have not configured the USB boot we press F2 to allow us to boot from the unit. Once this is done, the program will start working and allow us to access all sectors of the computer to completely clean the computer virus.