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[HELP] How to know if I have a virus on my mobile

Few people today do not use a mobile phone. The mobile phone has become an essential tool that no longer only serves us to call or send messages. Today mobiles and tablets have eaten so much ground to computers that we can almost do all kinds of operations from them. Android is also one of the most popular mobile operating systems. All the above seem advantages but also has made the Android operating system much more greedy for hackers.

And it is that before all the threats were almost focused on trying to sneak through the security holes of Windows, today most of these malicious people seek access to data, bank accounts and passwords on Android phones. While it is true that Android is quite safe, there are some handicaps that can make it insecure. On the one hand there is the fact that today there are many Chinese manufacturers that have lowered quality controls in favor of lower prices, which means that these low-end terminals often have serious problems of security. On the other hand, there is the fact that Google tends to launch periodic updates of its Android operating system and in them, as well as improvements, new security holes discovered recently are also covered. The problem comes when we see that most companies are not able to update their phones with the latest security updates frequently. And this friends, it happens in practically all brands. In fact not even Google itself is able to give support beyond two years to their own cell phones.

How to identify a virus on Android

Identifying an Android virus can be a simple or very complicated process, and I explain. If you get a popup window with a popup that you can not close then you can be sure that what you have is a virus. But in the event that your phone has suddenly become too slow, or the battery is very short or that it does strange things, it could be due to a virus, a Trojan or maybe it can even be a hardware problem that has nothing to do with an infection. Therefore, to know if you have a virus installed, the first thing you should do is go to Settings> Installed applications and examine if you see any suspicious application that you have not installed. If you see it, eliminate it immediately. The second thing you should do is check that there is not a newer version than the one you have currently installed, for that go to Settings> About the device> System Update and check that there are no new versions. In case none of this worked, try to download an antivirus from Google Play Store and try to see if it is capable of detecting any virus or Trojan installed. In his day we made a list with the best antivirus for Android, they are all good so take a look and download the one you like the most. And finally, if all the above fails but you still believe that a mobile phone is infected for some reason in particular you have left the option to restore the system. To do this you will go back to Settings> Backup and reset> Restore the factory settings. But keep in mind that this erases all device data, so make a backup and use this option with caution.