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Malwares Android: Mazar

The world of malwares is practically unlimited. There is a large amount of malicious code that threatens our devices, so it is convenient to have our Android antivirus updated if we want to be as safe as possible against the attacks of virus online One of the latest malicious programs that can infect us uses the SMS messaging function to erase all our data. This is Mazar malware.

Malwares and SMS

We all have the feeling that short messages have passed to a better life. Applications like Whatsapp or similar are much faster, as well as cheap, so SMS are practically residual. We can barely receive a dozen during a whole year, unless we do not have a smart terminal.

However, Mazar is worth of one of these messages to delete all the content of our Android. The problem is that it is still unknown how this malware is installed on our smartphone, so security experts recommend being very careful when we receive any strange communication, surf the web or notice some strange movement in our communications.

A very dangerous malware

As with other malwares, Mazar is a potential danger on all infected computers. You can take control of the privileges of the phone to the extent of monitoring all received calls, and can even perform them. You can also make queries on all sent SMS. This is a potential danger, because the program can access premium rate and premium messaging numbers, with the extra cost that this generates in our telephone bill.

malwares android

Some of the studies about Mazar they seem to indicate that the user receives an innocuous message in appearance, with a link that refers to a page hosted in the deep web, where the malicious code is automatically downloaded. The version of Android that the technicians have used is Kit Kat, although it can not be ruled out that it is capable of infecting devices with previous or even later versions. To avoid being infected by this type of programs, experts recommend installing antimalwares and have them updated in their latest version. In this way we will remain protected to the highest possible degree of attacks like this. It is also recommended to distrust any message that comes from unknown sources, especially if they are accompanied by links.