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How to do a maximum cleaning on an Android phone

Before doing a maximum cleaning on our Android device it is necessary to understand what kind of threats we expose ourselves to. The majority of vulnerabilities for our device are represented by the so-called Trojans, undesirable for any common user. Well these are hosted in the terminals without you being able to realize, by means of applications of dubious origin.

Now, the steps that we will explain next they have to do with applications that you can easily find. Understanding that each one is available for most devices from Google Play. So pay close attention and convert the concern for the security of your Android, in real protection.

Steps to follow to perform an effective cleaning in Android

The first application that we recommend is AVG Antivirus, a free app that is known worldwide for its effectiveness. However, this only has to do with the detection of the threats that may be lodged in the terminal. For this reason it is not the most recommended, because when it comes to eliminating viruses it is not so efficient.

Its interface is really easy to use, it is hardly downloaded on the Android and you can start using it without problems. It is enough to start the analysis so that the app begins the examination of data within the folders. It is important to bear in mind that, like all free applications, it is loaded with ads.

At the end of the analysis, it shows the results obtained, which are usually related to the origin of what you download. On the permissions you granted to the apps and also the shields that you can activate or deactivate as desired. Do not forget that users that are root have more vulnerabilities, that is why in these cases they throw more problems.

When you have finished examining your device what We recommend that you limit yourself to this. After you’ve used AVG Antivirus to determine your threats, it’s better to uninstall it.

To continue the work you have to download CM Security, an application that can do more than just analyze your device. When identifying vulnerabilities and threats, is able to eliminate them and optimize the terminal without any problem. To complement its functions you have the option to block the applications you want using a password or key pattern.

To finalize our advice, it is very important that when you finish with the previous steps, download the CCleaner application This app can check if there are junk files or empty folders that are not doing any important function. In addition to checking the chaché and delete it if necessary, because this type of content, which is stored automatically, keep the device slow.

To do all this, just ask for the necessary permissions; to continue you must accept without risk. CCleaner is well known in PC programs on Windows and can now be used on Android devices.

After you finish the analysis and cleaning of your Smartphone you can see that it will be much more fast and protected. Besides that it can be manipulated more easily and without the appearance of annoying advertising. But you must repeat all the steps mentioned regularly, so that your Android device is always safe from threats.