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The most dangerous online virus on Android

Android antivirus companies are realizing that hackers have focused on these devices to infect them and access sensitive information. Gone were those viruses that were installed on PCs through free programs and infected disks. Today the virus online are those that reign in the universe of the malicious code. And of these there is one in particular that is considered the most dangerous Android virus that could be created. The program in question is the Acecard malware.

Acecard. How this virus works online

The main problem that Acecard generates is that it can hide and attack users of Android devices through dozens of different applications. You can also go through the filters of Google Play, so that it is possible to install an unsuspecting program because it is in the official store and in fact we are taking an unpleasant passenger with us. The purpose of Acecard is to obtain very sensitive data such as bank passwords, profiles in social networks and access data to e-mail among others. For that you can access the SMS and voice recordings of banks to place a window that simulates being the original program. So users when they enter their data do not know that they are putting them in danger.

online virus acecard

Pages in the that Acecard can be installed

The applications to which this Android malware can access are so diverse that virtually nothing is free. You can create a false window in bank pages. But you can also do it in others such as:

  • Messaging applications such as Skype or Whatsapp.
  • Social networks of all kinds, especially the most used.
  • Google email.
  • The official Android apps store and apps like Google Music.

How to protect yourself from malware

First of all we must recognize that being a online virus so dangerous and varied, 100% protection can not be guaranteed. a device It is best to install only Android applications of the official page and have the support of a trusted developer. There is no need to download programs from unreliable stores or of course pirated programs, since we will be exposed to being infected by this and other malwares that circulate through the network and that can be much more expensive than the few euros that an original payment application costs.