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Remove Android Virus from Advertising

Remove advertising viruses on Android

You are using your mobile device, opening applications or viewing different social networks such as Instagram, Twitter or Facebook and suddenly a advertising ad appears for no reason without having your device’s browser open.

What has happened is a cause for concern and that is that we will probably have installed a Adware on our smartphone and is the cause of that annoying advertising that constantly jumps us when we use our mobile.

Today there are different types of viruses that we can find in the Internet world, and that is that people think that a virus causes your mobile to stop working or begins to appear Matrix code on the screen, but It is not like this.

Viruses of all kinds are developed, including some that are called dormant viruses, we have installed them until the owner runs them. Others for example collect information about what we write or send and then send it to its creator, or even make automatic calls without our consent, and all these types of viruses are Adware.

What is an Adware and so that it is used

An Adware is as common it is known to the computer programs designed to reproduce advertising in our computers, mobile (cell phones) or tablets without our consent. And not only will they show you annoying ads every so often, they will also redirect your searches to advertising pages at will.

And it’s not only that they show you advertising or take you to websites you were not looking for, it’s that this Type of programs are also designed to collect useful information for marketing, that is, they will begin to compile our searches, what we write and even what we talk about, an invasion of full-fledged privacy.

We have notice that we do not have to not all Adware are malicious, Facebook for example uses this type of tool and accept it in their policies when you download your application, and collects information in order to show you interesting publicity, the problem is the Adware that do not notify what they are doing and would already be in the malware/spyware range, and is already considered a malicious program.

How this type of software can affect me

Normally this tip or programs do not harm the device, or even delete data, only dedicated to spamming advertising and some to collect information that will then be sold to large corporations or know what they will do with it.

Also notice that these programs go completely unnoticed by a basic or middle user, since what they are trying to do is stay installed as long as possible on our devices to collect and send us unsolicited advertising as long as possible.

So if you have or you think you have an Adware installed, be careful what you write or say.

How I could get infected with an Adware

There are two possible options:

1st Option: Through a Freeware or Shareware program, now we explain it to you in crystalline. Do you remember when you installed Nero, or any similar program, on your computer and when you installed it you were asked, do you also want to install “Toolbar Search Bla Bla Bla”? Well that’s when your device got infected.

2nd Option: Infected websites, and this is the most common. You enter a website which is infected by an Adware, at the moment you will be asked “Do you want to download this necessary file to navigate on our website?” With all our good faith we download it, and we are already infected.

Those are the two most common ways to infect our device with an Adware, so you have to be careful where you enter and download.

How to remove with Adware or an advertising virus

At this point let’s say we have a problem in our device and we have an adware living with us, now it’s time to take it out of your home and send it far away, but… How do we do it?

Well, there is Adware that is hiding in the legitimacy of what they do because of the number of legitimate programs (we talked about Facebook before and what it does) so that they can not be eliminated because what they do is “legal” and therefore the antivirus does not detect it, but do not worry we’re going to propose 3 antivirus against android and advertising viruses that we know detect these types of threats and you can get rid of them easily.

-Panda Antivirus

McAfee Antivirus

-Kaspersky Anti-Virus

With some of these three antivirus you can be protected against these types of threats, and if you are already infected, nothing else install one of the antivirus runs a complete scan of the device, as soon as you finish doing so the threat will have been exterminated.