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[TUTORIAL] How to remove Android virus from your terminal

If you have the feeling that your Android terminal has been infected by a virus, maybe it’s because it’s true. But do not worry, since removing Android viruses is relatively easy, at least in most cases. It is true that some Android viruses and malware of which we have already spoken are very dangerous, as is the case of Acecard malware. But with these tips you can protect yourself from almost everything, besides cleaning your device from malicious code.

Ads to remove Android viruses

First of all, you have to know that in most cases you will not be really infected by a virus. These are ads that seek to convince you that you have been infected and you have to download a certain application to remove it. That is just one of the ways that malware programmers use to enter a phone. So instead of clicking on the ad link, it’s better to look for a good Android antivirus on the apps page.

Start in safe mode

To clean properly, you must start the terminal in safe mode. This way we prevent any third-party application from running. To do this, you just have to press the shutdown button until the boot options appear, and we will choose to restart in safe mode. It is also possible to show it as a fail-safe boot, which is the same option.

Access Applications

Open the menu in Settings-Applications and see everything that is installed. If you see that there is something that does not sound like having downloaded, click on it to access the information of the “application”. If you see something strange, select uninstall. In most cases it will be enough to remove Android virus and be able to have your device clean. Keep in mind that sometimes you will enter applications that you do not know and you will not have the option to delete. That’s because they are parts of the system or native apps that come with the phone or tablet, and therefore are necessary for the proper functioning of your computer.


In case you can not remove the suspicious program, go to Settings-Security-Device Administrators. Remove the brand of the application and re-enter. You should be able to remove the dangerous file that may be infecting your Android. The next step is to restart and enjoy your terminal clean and free of viruses.