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[GUIDE] How to remove Trojans on Android

Trojans are not like viruses since their task is different, the virus comes as it is and shows itself as it is, however Trojans are deceptive files always show you the good side until they are activated.

For example. downloading a harmless image of a kitten and opening it in our device can be enough reason for a Trojan to sneak into the smartphone, since the malicious code is injected into the image, so it is highly recommended to only download files or enter safe, recommended and verified sites.

Once the Trojan is executed, what it does is start to perform its task of stealing data or spying on us depends on what is programmed.

How to eliminate Trojans in Android manually

If we have come this far, it is because with the antivirus or with your ways you have not been able to eliminate the Trojan and you are looking for an alternative to do it, delete it manually or in another way.

  1. We will have to start our device in safe mode, that mode will make that the applications in third plane do not work, reason why the troyano that is making us the impossible life will not work either and we will have more facility to trace it. To enter safe mode the normal thing is to press the off button for a second, a menu will appear in which we will have to press the button to turn off.
  2. Now we will have to press the off button that shows on the screen during a few seconds and it will give us the option to restart the device to start it in safe mode and we accept it. If your device does not offer that option you have to perform an Internet search to see how to access safe mode.
  3. Now we give the button to start in safe mode.
  4. Since we are in sure we will have to go to the following address: Settings/applications and there we look for downloaded applications.
  5. We will have to look for some application that has some strange name or that we do not think we have in our list of applications, some of the examples or how they can have the names are: Angry Brinds game, if we have never installed that game or we have never had anything of that game, it can have some strange and weird name like: xjdhjahtnsgshssus.
  6. We delete that or those applications in which you suspect that they can be deceptive, if they do not let you delete some do not worry you will see how to erase everything.
  7. It is best to see the latest applications that we have installed, if we find we miss something strange.
  8. Now we will leave the application menu and go to Settings/Security/Device Manager, the address may vary depending on the Android device, in this section we will see the applications that are in administrator status and we can not remove it and disable it and once we can uninstall that application without any problem.
  9. Now we have to restart our device and see if it works.
  10. The last one happened to prove that everything works well and the Trojan has been deleted.

We have done everything and it does not work, we only have one task to be sure of everything, it is to make a bakup to all our important files, nothing of applications only images or documents, music and then restore the mobile to factory mode.

It is a simple task but we will see in the next article to explain all the steps of how to restore our device to Factory mode.

The sen common is the best antivirus

We only consider the following points because they are important.

  1. Nobody gives permission to navigate
  2. Enter a web we must not execute any file that asks us for access to our phone
  3. If the web takes us to another what we do to leave it and erase the history.
  4. Do not enter pages that they do not load well or they load slow or they leave with the red message that they are not recommendable.
  5. Do not install applications that are not from official websites like google play or Amazon.