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How to remove viruses and malware in Chinese mobile Xiaomi

First of all I would like to clarify that Xiaomi does not sell mobile phones with malware or viruses. Nothing could be further from the truth, so why do you buy windows with advertisements while browsing the Internet or through the menu when you buy a Xiaomi phone or another brand in a Chinese store? Very simple, it is the stores themselves that modify the ROM (mobile operating system) to put advertising. It is not known exactly if they benefit from these ads, but surely this is the case.

It seems to be a kind of “toll to pay” when buying a Chinese mobile and to have a ROM that resembles the latest Global ROM in your language. Chinese stores know very well that for many people it is not easy to change the ROM of the phone, which is why they end up never doing it.

In this way, that advertising continues to generate benefits. The ethics of this type of practice is more than questionable, but since these stores operate in China, little can be done. The only thing these people can do is contact the store where they bought the phone and wait for instructions to install a real ROM.

Keep in mind that if you have a fake ROM installed, the problems with which you can find go beyond a few advertising windows bothering you. The problem is that you will be exposed to new threats, since you will not receive new official updates from Xiaomi. And not receiving new updates is not only a problem that will not allow you to enjoy of the new features of Android, but will make your phone is not up to date on security patches. In this way, it is more exposed to viruses and new threats that Google can correct in an Android update.

Remove malware in Xiaomi mobile phones

My recommendation as a Xiaomi mobile phone buyer is that whenever you buy a mobile phone from China, the first thing you should do is install the official ROM of your phone. The process to install the official ROM is always the same, I explain the steps below.

  • The first thing you should do is fully charge your phone with the charger supplied for your mobile phone. Or check that at least the battery is charged in more than half. This is important because if there is not enough battery, during the flashing process the phone could become unusable.
  • Once you have done this, you must connect your mobile phone to the computer through the USB cable. On your mobile you will get an alert that tells you USB to load click on it select the option Transfer files (MTP).
  • Now on your mobile, go to Settings> Phone information> Model, there will tell you the model it is. And it is important since you must know exactly which mobile phone is yours and even which model, since there may be different variants with different chipsets.
  • Once you know exactly which is your mobile phone, go to the address and look there that mobile model. Select the Stable Global ROM whenever possible. This ROM is the stable one that is also available in Spanish, so it’s the one that suits you, and it’s an official ROM. Therefore, it is completely free of bloatware and any type of malware.
  • Once the ROM is downloaded, copy the file that you downloaded to the downloaded_rom folder of the internal memory of your mobile phone. If the folder does not exist, create it.
  • Lastly, on the mobile phone, go to the Tools folder> Updater and then click on the three vertical points on the top right, click on the option Select update package and finally select the rom that is copied within the downloaded_rom folder.
  • It will start a process of verification of the ROM for which you have to have your mobile connected to the Internet and once it finishes it will ask you to restart the mobile phone to finish the installation of the ROM. Let the process finish and the phone automatically restart after the.

After these simple steps your Xiaomi mobile will be updated to the latest official version of the ROM and at the same time will be totally free of malware. Now you can decide to install an Antivirus that complements your security and thus remain totally calm.