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[TUTORIAL] How to remove viruses on Android

Before most attacks and viruses were made for computers, but nowadays most people use d mobile devices, virus writers have also thought in that and have begun to create and create both viruses and very sophisticated Trojans to try to steal our information from our Android devices. That is why, we must have our device very well protected, as every day new systems are born to circumvent the security of these.

Android en one of the best operating systems and currently the most used in Smartphones, but every day there are people looking to find a vulnerability in the system to be able to steal data in our phones.

With the free system you have and the availability that you can install applications that are not in official stores and that puts our device at risk to make it easier to hack and install some malware application.

Android Trojans and viruses, how are they different?

Both viruses and Trojans with Malware, but they have a different function or work each, because each will be programmed for something different, but in each category of viruses or Trojans there are many types.

  • We’re going to talk about the Trojans, that name was taken from the famous Trojan horse, they give you something as a gift but then that gift always carries inside something and in this case is a Trojan virus to spy and steal data.
  • Viruses are different are created for destruction, to infect or to damage some files or applications to stop working.

How to remove viruses on Android

As we have already mentioned Android is a free system, and in the system that is based on s Linux, and Linux is based on Unix.

As we know that the operating systems of the same Unix family can not catch viruses or the option to get them is very low.

If in this case our Android operating system has had a virus, its elimination will be very easy, since a virus apart from infecting only some applications, the longer it takes on the mobile, the more applications will be victims of the virus, and as we do not know exactly what they are or what applications, what we are going to do is restore the mobile.

As we do not know which application or folder has infected the best is that or if you want you can search folders or applications download an antivirus for Android, that you make an analysis to the whole device and the folders as applications that are infected delete them from our device.

How to prevent viruses from entering Android

To avoid these situations and what is we are totally protected we have to look for a good antivirus, that you can look for one and the one that you like the most, and that you have all the functions that you like.

Aside of that deactivating the option to install applications with unknown origin, is one of the biggest defenses that we can have against viruses in our device.

Download applications only from google play or another page that we have used and that gives us a lot of security, and not download applications that we do not always try to download applications that we are going to use or use.

Recommendations: Some of the antivirus may consume memory or make that your Android device is slower but is the most recommended, because if you enter an infected page at least warns you with an alert and blocks that page tells you that if you want to unlock it you can infect your Android system with a virus, the truth It is very helpful u No antivirus can see where we do not see.