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6 Great Tricks for Google Play Store

If you think you know all about google play store, the most likely thing that escapes you, something that surely you have not seen, we will give you 6 tricks for google play store that sure you did not know.

With these tips and tricks you can improve your experience in the Google Play Store app store and get advantages that nobody currently has, since you can activate parental control, such as your wish list. favorite apps.

Return an application and get your money


Many times we buy an application or a game and it is not what we expect, or we play some good game but when we bought the paid version we found that it has nothing to do with the other, then today we will explain how to reimburse google play store money.

When you buy a game or application, the first thing you have to do is to check and see if it is what you asked for if it is not so before 2 hours you can return the application and your money will be returned.

Install applications from the computer

It is very easy you just have to put in the browser of your computer the same account you have on your mobile and search for applications when you install it will leave you the option to choose the device itself the same account you have on several phones.

Prepare your ‘wish list’

Many times when we are out with friends and talk about some application and we want to have it, but as we do not have a connection WIFI we can not download this application, what we will do is put it on our wish list to download it later and remember what the application was.

Thanks to the wish list we will have applications that we are interested in.

Activate Parental Control

It is very easy to activate parental control, only you have to enter the settings of Google Play, in the same section of the name, Parental Controls.

It is already disabled by default, now we have to activate it and we have to follow the introductions to put a pin code that nobody should know only us.

In that space we can control everything for what age and who can see those things.

We can choose which movies, photos, music can be seen easily, we just have to click on it and put the age that each one can see.

Install Go ogle Play on an unsupported device

It’s one of the most common things since not all tablets or phones come with google play so we have to know how to have this operating system on our device and enjoy its functions.

Fixes the possible errors

The errors that our operating system can give us are many and sometimes we think that the cause is because we have a virus in our terminal, but other times not, most of these errors can be due to a bug or because our device is not compatible with any application but the rest of the time it can be that our system is affected.

What is recommended is that if they have errors like this the best thing is to use an antivirus to be sure that it is not a virus and that our mobile is free of it but if we have doubts we will have to see if only the error is in that application if it is the same error in several applications it recommends restarting the phone, and if the error is the best and most recommended is to restore the phone and save the valuable things we have.

If these tips or tricks have served you something you have to see more of our tips and tricks for android, everything we can here is free of viruses and helps us not to have viruses on our device.

If you have some trick or advice that we have not put you can comment and share it with us to share it with more users and between us we help each other to get rid of these viruses.