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[SOLUTION] Virus Android deletes photos

Today, those with technological devices and we make daily use of them, we are affected, like the users of many years ago, by the malicious and harmful viruses, which threaten our security, our privacy and our files. But this is a fact that today we have neglected a bit, because in fact the issue of viruses and antivirus seem only represent a problem. And if you doubt what I’m saying, ask yourself How many times have you complained about antivirus notifications?

And the truth is that this is normal, it is a game to which we must pay close attention, since the antivirus are for only one thing, to prevent these viruses from affecting us, and although their security is not 100%, the truth is quite useful, especially in these times when these abound on the web (where we do not spend most of the time). Then the detail is that are many viruses, and therefore are many notifications that we get from our antivirus, which leads to not pay attention to the good news of not having any harm, because most of them are not very offensive. This is a fact that is quite frequent but at the same time alarming. And it is that this fact has led to us passing unnoticed certain viruses, that under the same way of those old viruses attack our files. And a good example of this is the Pawur virus (Tasin, Anzaee and Inzae as it is also known), which is a virus that, like the rest of the worms, are included in certain programs or files and that are hidden in our computer to then act.

And there are many cases reported of this Pawur virus, since it is affecting users of Android, and especially because deletes files, preferably multimedia such as photos and videos. It is important then that we prevent this Android virus deletes photos, and for this we must avoid downloads of files from unknown sites, but also navigate in low security sites from your mobile. It is also important that you know how to delete the Android virus delete photos in case you get to infect your mobile, so you can quickly prevent any possible damage. Visit our other post, so you know how to easily remove viruses from your Android.