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How to remove viruses hosted in the Android phone’s browser

On the Internet, there are many viruses that could take over a browser or search engine, especially mobile phones, as these are currently the most used devices and therefore the most vulnerable.

misleading advertising and malware created by the malicious entities of the network, only have the purpose of seizing data and private documents stored on our smartphone. However, these can not cause permanent damage. Fortunately, infecting these devices is not an easy task and in most cases the owner’s authorization is necessary.

You have probably noticed in the browser that the operating system is infected by a certain amount of virus and alert messages appear again and again, in addition to different pages to download the “ideal” antivirus to fix it. All this is just misleading advertising that aims to capture the most unwary.

Where are the ads reflected?

These messages tend to appear in different ways and have the particularity of change with the days. You can usually find them in download pages or websites that are responsible for monetizing traffic on the Internet, they will try to fool us with different advertising ads, offers, virus alerts, etc. Although we know that entering unsafe websites can expose us, this will not be the main reason for having been affected.

How are these ads?

These ads never have a defined appearance, they can vary in format and style. However, they always try to imitate Google’s warning messages, making users believe that it is a dangerous virus that has damaged the operating system of the mobile device, they even use the real data and can also specify the detected problem, all this with the sole purpose of achieving a single click.

The ads are very annoying and its appearance in the browser is becoming more constant, showing the alert in screen as a common notification and strategically hiding the usual (x) to close it. Undoubtedly, this could cause us to panic, but luckily we alone have control.

The most advisable thing for this is not to click but to try to close the browser and force the arrest, in this way we will not run any danger.

What to do if the ad continues to appear?

Sometimes, many people tend to click, thinking that this way they can get rid of the ad, but this really makes it appear with more frequency and is not completely eliminated, because a cookie is installed that allows the problem to persist and be reflected every time they enter the browser. Fortunately it is not something so serious and the solution is detailed below.

  1. You must close the browser and remove it from the android multitasking manager.
  2. Go to the system settings and select the application manager.
  3. Open the default browser information; in the case of Google Chrome click on “force stop”
  4. Then in storage click on the options “delete data “and” clear cache “.
  5. Go back to the information tab and just above it on the right is the” More “option, where you must click on “uninstall updates” and immediately the browser will return to the factory state .


Finally, after following these steps correctly, you should go to the Play Store and install the updated version of Google Chrome, after which you will notice that the browser was installed completely clean and when you open our account, you will immediately recover our data. stored.

This will be the only way to get rid of those constant messages of misleading advertising and avoid falling into the malicious traps of the Internet, we already know that installing the applications that show us could really endanger our Smartphone.