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Zombie invasion: T – Virus for Android

Beyond the dangerous Android virus with which we can become infected if we do not have enough care, sometimes we feel like leaving the routine and having a good time, right? Well, we suggest you do it by discovering a scary game with a fashionable theme right now: Zombie Invasion. In this case is the third installment of the saga, in which a virus is the trigger that makes the whole world bloodthirsty living dead.

The story of Zombie invasion: T-Virus

You are a retired special operations soldier, about to start living a quiet life that after long years of military intervention, already plays. But as in these cases, things never go as expected and a teacher (always a teacher) develops a mutation of a deadly virus, which instead of killing returns life to the dead. The virus escapes from the laboratory and humanity needs you to survive. You need to get the Antivirus and put an end to the nightmare of the zombies. Because you? Because 3 hours ago the police quarantined Professor Morgan’s secret laboratory, where the virus has escaped, and the soldiers have not shown signs of life since then. The communications have been lost and there is evidence that there is the only antidote with which to end the nightmare. Through the different levels you will have to go through corridors and face the infected, who attack any living thing they detect. You need to protect yourself from your bites or you will become one of them without any doubt.

Zombie invasion game system: T-Virus

The gameplay of Zombie invasion is very similar to that of other zombie titles. First-person view, as if you were really walking down the corridors, with exceptionally good and detailed graphics. The sound effects have also been careful to detail. In more than one occasion you will jump out of fright when you hear some of the voices, moans and noises that await you in the game. You will have to solve puzzles and collect objects with which to advance and obtain some advantages. You will certainly need to reach the end safe and sound. You can interact with other online players to extend the story of the game a bit more.