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New ZooPark malware attacks your WhatsApp conversations

ZooPark is called a new malware that has been discovered for the first time by the security company Kaspersky. It is a fairly strong and high-tech virus that is causing havoc on Android devices. It is a spy within the mobile, because has the ability to enter even the user’s private information.

The ZooPark virus was allegedly created to sneak into conversations of defined users. It should be noted that the number of devices affected in the world is reduced to a limit of countries. For the process of cybernetic espionage has largely developed only in the following nations:

Egypt, Iran, Jordan, Morocco and Lebanon

This malware can be considered the most sophisticated and developed, which has attacked Android users so far. It is also possible to presume, because of its complicated composition, that it was designed by an intelligence service that has important capital. It is evident that the team that created it has vast experience and advanced capabilities to conceive such an objective.

You can read your conversations!

The most important aspect of ZooPark is that it can infiltrate conversations made by two applications. These are WhatsApp and Telegram, they are encrypted instant messaging platforms, which makes their access difficult; this gives us a signal. A hacker with no significant resources can not easily circumvent the security settings of the mentioned apps.

Another feature worth understanding is that this malware is within the cybernetic universe for a long time It was three years ago, specifically in 2015, when its first version was released. But it did not cause any major damage until its most recent update, the fourth, which would have achieved its most important goals.

The first version of the malware only had capabilities to access the directory. device contacts. However, in the most recent update you can access all the information you want to spy, from messages to photographs. It is also possible to send messages and make calls without the consideration of the owner of the Smartphone.

The attacks registered to date do not exceed the number of hundred devices, because they only attack certain very well selected users. Whoever is affected fails to realize that he is being spied on and to date there is no definite solution. Just reinstall the operating system the Smatphone and delete all information contained in it.

For now the cybersecurity company Kaspersky says that there is no possibility of affecting users on a large scale. There is no risk for general users, taking into account that they are not an objective determined by the virus developers. If you do not belong to any of the countries mentioned, you can rest easy.

However, it is worth mentioning the following considerations to avoid being affected by Zoopark. Remember that you should avoid installing untrusted apps, also install an antivirus on your Android device. To end the company Kapershy Lab recommends having common sense to not be part of the risk of any malware.